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    Select the drop menus for Author info such as Name, Occupation, and Location to see what entries are in the Lists, then click the Search button to see the results. Look up your own occupation or location to see what others in your field of expertise or location are into.
  • Categories Search
    Select the Categories drop menu to view the lists that match. If you like Movies, select that term and click the Search button to see all of the lists with movies mentioned.
  • List Keywords
    Simply enter a title or keyword of anything you like in the List Keywords field and click the Search button to see if others like it too. You’ll find others that share your interests, plus list items yet to be discovered.
  • Combine Searches
    You may combine searches to further refine your results. If you live in Los Angeles, CA and like books, try selecting Los Angeles in the Location drop menu and Books from the Categories menu to see just what books people in L.A. are reading. Or, you might select Musician from the Occupation menu and Music from the Categories menu plus your Location to checkout what kind of music other musicians in your area are listening to.
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