MagpieTV Has Arrived

MagpieTV: Episode 1, Zeb McKade Knudsen

Read Zeb’s complete list!

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Chad Hartigan: Movie Maker

Check out the rad music video Chad Hartigan directed for the Wild Moccasins.

Read Chad’s list, posted August 14th!

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Magpie Update (!)

Just a quick note, because I am so excited about the direction in which TML is headed!

First Up: The Magpie List goes audio! Check out Ariella Blejer’s list from October 15th; she explains a bit about “Anne of Green Gables” and why it’s on her list.  So cool.

Stay tuned for other fun stuffs — video lists are coming, and a radio show! And…Magpie TV. What?

And, because I don’t do this enough: Special Thanks to Kalen Egan for all his work. This might be no fun without him.

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Meet a Magpie: Melia Dicker

In the interest of full disclosure: I went to high school with Melia Dicker. I think I speak for my classmates and teachers when I say we all knew she was destined for great things.

We were right.

Melia is inspiring because she’s not someone who merely desires change, she is out in the world doing what she can to make it happen.  Since graduating from University of Santa Clara in 2002, Melia has co-founded not one, but two non-profit organizations targeted at inspiring and changing education for children today.  The first, Spark, works to encourage under-privileged youth by providing them with apprenticeships in career fields of their choice. And the The Institute for Democratic Education in America (IDEA) is an organization which strives to bridge the gap between the philosophies of democracy and our current educational system.

As if this wasn’t enough, Melia went on to explore introspective changes as well. Thus began her third project, “Reschool Yourself.”  Not unlike Billy Madison, the movie character played by Adam Sandler in 1995, she took herself back to school. But quite unlike Billy, Melia was hoping to understand herself, learn more about her education, and examine the way the two are connected.  She has documented her experience on her website,, I highly recommend checking it out; Melia’s writing is approachable, entertaining, and informative. I have had so much fun reading about her experiences and progress. Secretly, I sometimes wish I was living her life, and I feel excited when she writes about something we have in common, (hint: vision boards!). It’s clear that her experiment is not finite; it has become more of a philosophy, or way of life, and the world is better for it.

Take some time to explore Melia’s projects, linked above,  and see her Magpie List!

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Magpie: Steve Young

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter” e.e. cummings

See Steve Young’s list here!

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meet a magpie: travis shettel

Travis Shettel is the only man I know who can fold his own 6’4″ frame onto a Vespa and look cool, instead of silly. And even if anyone did laugh, I don’t think he’d mind. Travis is someone who manages to make an adventure out of life, and it’s one of the many reasons I admire him.

Travis first met success as the vocalist and guitarist  of the  Boston-based indie rock band Piebald, a 15 year experience that took him around the world. Since then, Travis has contributed his guitar, piano, and vocal talents to other groups, including the UK’s The Duke Spirit and LA’s The Hunting Accident.  Now, he is focusing his talents into TS & The Past Haunts, a rock project that highlights his mad guitar skills, his killer voice and his undeniable stage presence.

While Travis’ talent impresses me, it’s who he is off-stage that’s made a difference in my life. Travis is One Righteous Dude as a co-worker and friend.  He helps me out whenever he can, and sometimes when I least expect it.  My daughter, Lily, adores him as a friend and babysitter, because he’s always ready to play, be it music or “let’s pretend…” He works harder than most people I know, and manages to achieve constant success without ever taking himself too seriously.  I’m glad to know him, and it’s exciting to think of what adventure he’ll find next.

Check out the fun video of  TS & The Past Haunts’ song “Know What I Know:”

Listen to more of TS & The Past Haunts here…

And check out Travis’ list here!

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meet a magpie: faleena hopkins

I met Faleena Hopkins a little over three years ago.  She has a huge smile and a loud laugh, like her personality: strong and beautiful. 2009 was a difficult year for me, and Faleena rose to the call of friendship with presence and grace. When I created The Magpie List, it’s people like Faleena who immediately came to mind—not only invaluable friends, but also self-motivated, compassionate, inspiring artists determined to contribute to a larger community.

In 2003, in the midst of a nasty divorce, Faleena was feeling lost and confused about her life’s trajectory. “I heard a voice whisper in my mind, ‘Why don’t you try photography?” One year later, she was making her living as a photographer, self taught, self-motivated, and already quite successful. Now, her photos have graced the covers of magazines, album covers, and billboards.  Los Angeles actors covet her headshots, and families enjoy her portraiture of their newborns. She photographs with an eye for the magical (case. in. point).

Recently, she has combined her talent and her boundless empathy to create The Smile Portrait Project.

Smile Train inspires me, as a charity. When they repair a child’s mouth so that the child can speak better, close their mouth, eat more easily, and not have the ear problems associated with cleft lips and palates, they improve the child’s life forever. It’s a simple surgery that can erase a lifetime of potential heartbreak. I just love them for it.  When I see these children’s before and after pictures, I often cry.  It moves me to my core.

The last thing I’d like to say is I’m also doing this project because of the state of the world right now.  Everyone is so bogged down by fear.  I’m tired of it and I want to help people smile again.  We create the world we are in by how we feel and think, and when people play, they open up.  We need to open up.  Silliness breeds optimism.  Playfulness reminds people what fun is like.  And negativity is a virus that we can cure by smiling.”

Faleena is going to take her portraiture talents and offer her services around the country to anyone and everyone willing to smile for her camera. Please follow her progress at and

See Faleena’s Magpie List here!

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today’s magpie mission: FAQ’s

(Seems Like a Good Place to Start)

Q: What ARE all these lists, anyway?
: The Magpie List is an ever-growing  resource for inspiration; the books, movies and films that have shaped people’s lives.

Q: Where do they come from, WHO are all these people?
Eve, a writer in Los Angeles, started collecting lists in a notebook, but now readers can submit their own lists; they come from all over the world. Many of them have provided links to their own blogs and websites so you might get to know them better. Interact with the site, explore! Submit a list of your own,  subscribe via email; become a part of the Magpie community!

Q: Why don’t you allow comments on the list postings? I love one list, and I hate another, I want to engage!
TML is a Judgment Free Zone. If you feel especially strong about someone’s list, submit a list of your own, (counter-submit, if you will) or email TML your comments directly!

Q: Yeah…about the submitting; how do I do that again?
“Submit A List” is a good place to start.  TML finds that if someone is having trouble understanding the submission process, he or she is probably thinking too much.  If you find yourself overwhelmed by the idea of “Inspiration,” then create a theme for yourself that works. Peruse the lists; they are really the best reference.  And remember, it is supposed to be fun!

Q: When will my list be posted?
The lists are not posted upon submission. Eve has been collecting these treasures for a while now, and each list deserves  a day of its own. While you’re waiting, explore the lists of other Magpies, check in on the blog, spread the word.  Everyone has inspiration to share.

Q: Does my list HAVE to be a mixture of music, books and movies? I never read.
Nope. It’s just a suggestion. If you want to specify your lists to be an exclusive medium, It’s your inspiration. (But really, you never read?)

Q: So do you want a list of 10 for each category?
No, thanks. We’d like 10 items total.  If you’ve got 30 recommendations, that’s radical.  But TML will probably narrow it down to about 10.

Q: I have a list I want to send you, but I don’t have a website.
Oh, the website links are just for fun, the lists are more important!

Q: Something on my list is already on someone else’s list.
That’s okay. It will still be posted. You’ll be surprised how different and similar people’s inspiration can be – that’s the point.

Q: I already sent you a list, but then I thought of 10 more things! Can I send you multiple lists?
Sure, but you’ve got to really be patient; like the buffet line, everyone deserves a chance.

Q: This is too hard!
No one is judging, and these lists don’t define anyone. Just throw a few out there. You can do it.

Q: Blist?
“Blog” comes from the words “Web Log,” and Eve thought that TML was different.  “Blist” is a “Web List, meant to be enjoyed in its simplest form; a list of lists!

Q: I don’t get it, are you Eve, or are you The Magpie List? Who’s “we?”
I’m all those things, and at the end of the day, I’m just Eve.
And here at the blog is where I’ll be personally parsing this sudden avalanche of book, music, and movie recommendations. Hopefully my ongoing experiences as I interact with the lists and their authors will help inspire you to do the same!

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Welcome to The Magpie List

Thank you for visiting The Magpie List! More stories and other odds and ends will be added in the Blog over time.

Stay in touch by submitting your own list and by subscribing via email plus grab the Feed in your favorite news reader or catch us on Facebook.

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