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City of Thieves, David Benioff The End of Faith, Sam Harris Straight Man, Richard Russo Henry Fool Glengarry Glen Ross Sling Blade Albuquerque Lullaby, Dan Bern This is the 21st Century, Marillion The Joe Schmo Show Ken Burns’ Baseball  
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Jamie’s Italy (cooook booook!!!) The Princess Bride Star Wars Conan (the books) Conan the Barbarian (the movie) Mystery Science Theater 3000 (does that count?) Any book by Andrea Camilleri The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Anything by P.G. Wodehouse, especially if it has Jeeves in it All the Monty Python movies Billy Madison Braveheart Yojimbo Gio plays [...]
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The Great Escape Gladiator American Beauty, Grateful Dead The Wire American Graffiti M*A*S*H (the movie!) The Sting Chinatown McCabe & Mrs. Miller  
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Refernce, Ryann Bosetti The Color Wheel, Alex Ross Perry “Colours,” Donavan 100% Guido, Harsh Patel “So So Sick,” Unrest Adagio For Strings, Christian Oldham The Gentlewoman Forest Lawn: The Great Mausoleum LePigeon, Jerry Pigeon Christine, Alan Clarke  
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Hiking along the coast in Nova Scotia The King’s Speech Taking a class on western films Zeitoun, David Eggers Planning trips Snowshoeing on the lake Playing Mexican Train Dominoes with my family Walking my dog Riding my bike 28 miles to eat breakfast Preparing my old legs to jog 6 miles  
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Hunger Games

I don’t usually do this, but I felt compelled to write about other things that I find inspirational, veering away from books-music-films for a minute. One of the more unexpected ways that The Magpie List has changed my life is  what it did to my relationship to food. Namely, cooking it. Clementina Russo and I [...]
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Meet A Magpie: Broke-Ass Stuart

Here is what Stuart Schuffman and I have in common: we went to the same college (go slugs), we both love Northern California, and we’re both…poor. The difference? Stuart Schuffman is the only person I know who makes being totally broke seem totally cool. Focusing on San Francisco and New York, Stuart started with a [...]
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The Goonies Labyrinth The Neverending Story The Adventures of Baron Munchausen The Princess Bride Hook Pee-wee’s Big Adventure Willow Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure The Karate Kid Collection “10 Kids’ movies from the 80′s and 90′s that influenced who I am today” Read about “Broke-Ass Stuart” in the Magpie Blog, and visit his own website [...]
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”Song Three Blues,” Alberta Cross ”Service Bell,” Grizzly Bear feat. Feist ”Wolves,” Phosphorescent ”Kill a Man,” Gram Rabbit ”When I’m Small,”  Phantogram ”You May Be Blue,” Vetiver ”In the Direction of the Moon,” Wolf Parade “6669 (I Don’t Know If You Know),”  Neon Indian ”Strange Fruit,” Nina SimoneW ”New Kanada,” Solid Gold “round 2…i am [...]
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Blimp Cat Proves that Twitter is Worth Something, After All

We have been busy here in the Magpie household, living a life that’s constantly changing and growing.  I consider time to sit around and arbitrarily explore web sites a real luxury.  Therefore I was extra pleased when my 15 minutes of “www me time” led me to Blimp Cat Studios. Exhibits A, B, and C: I [...]
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In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Neutral Milk Hotel (song and album!) The Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling Arrested Development The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain Cat’s Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Fitz and the Tantrums (album) Moulin Rouge! Pushing Daisies The Little Mermaid Cinema Paradiso Parks and Recreation read about my discovery [...]
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Jeans (from Jnco to James, I’ve loved them all) Steak (thick cut, rib-eye, butter, A1 on the side) Italian movies (The Conformist, Blow Up, Caro Diario) Bernice Bobs Her HairW and all the short stories of  F. SCOTT FITZGERALD Paul Simon’s Graceland album Pearl Jam (I am serious, ages 12 – 20) The Wonder YearsW [...]
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A Thousand Acres, Jane Smiley There Will Be Blood The Fragile, Nine Inch Nails the smell of new pointe shoes “When the Stars Go Blue” Ryan Adams Remarks of Senator Barack Obama at the New Hampshire primary, Jan. 8, 2008 The Big Lebowski Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos A Single Man an empty dance studio  
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The Best of The Guess Who Jethro Tull, watching Ian Anderson rock on the flute with one leg Andrea Bocelli, “Time to Say Goodbye“ …goosebumps everytime Night, Eli Wiesel (listening to him makes me want to hop a flight and audit his classes) Ayaan Hirsi AliW, it took guts for her to write books about Islam Memento [...]
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Chronicles: Volume One, Bob Dylan “A Perfect Day”, Lou ReedW Harold and Maude The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, David Bowie All Things Must Pass, George Harrison A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole “Bonzo’s Montreux,” Led Zeppelin A Prayer for Owen Meany, John Irving Pride and Prejudice, Jane [...]
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The XanthW Series, Piers Anthony Footloose Stomp “Smooth Criminal” by Michael JacksonW A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole Fight Club: A Novel, Chuck Palahniuk Christ of Saint John of the CrossW, Salvador DaliW The Office: The Complete BBC Collection Derren Brown Naomi Klein
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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex * But Were afraid To Ask (Watch it now!) E.E. CummingsW‘ poem Self-Excoriation 1, 2, and 3. The Revolution of Everyday Life, Raoul Vaneigem (Read it for free; just follow the link!) “Nashville Blues,” Doc Watson Days of Heaven Patti Smith is a new fascination after reading [...]
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My BEST reads: Hiroshima, John Hershey Prodigal Summer, Barbara Kingsolver Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, Helen Simonson Rose Daughter, Robin McKinley The Postmistress, Sarah Blake The Help, Kathryn Stockett I DISLIKED reading: Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney (egotist!) Clapton: The Autobiography (awful! I didn’t want to know!!) I WANT to read: Horse Heaven, Jane [...]
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Office (BBC!) “Ojala,” Silvio RodriguezW Made in Britain Back To Black, Amy Winehouse People Hold on, Eddie Kendricks ”This is” series by M. Slasek The Corner, David Simon & Edward Burns ”Periodico de Ayer”  Hector LavoeW Annie Hall
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Howard Roarke from The Fountainhead by Ayn RandW Iceland “The Birth and Death of a Day,” Explosions in the Sky The Moon Fogged up Car Windows at 4 am Dandelion Wine, Ray Bradbury Two legs to walk with Ice cream Road Trips Water “1,2,3, and 6 are highly recommended.  And as the teacher in Perks of [...]
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