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Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast with Robin Williams Disney’s Aladdin as the Genie Good Will Hunting, as psychologist Sean Maguire Good Morning Vietnam, as Adrian Cronauer Comedy Set at Nerdist: Stand-Up Without a Net Dead Poets Society, as teacher John Keating In no particular order, this short list summarizes my favorite Robin Williams’ moments, although it [...]
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About Robin Williams, words by Anne Lamott

I am saddened by Robin William’s death, and struggling with the world’s relationship to mental illness. Because I am not sure how to write about my own struggles with depression and OCD yet, and/or where to find the appropriate forum, I am posting Anne Lamott’s post from this morning. She inspires me always. This will [...]
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Prince Woody Allen (“OLD Woody Allen.”) Los Angeles 90′s Hip Hop Vintage Painted Signage Dogs Vodka + Sparkling Grapefruit Road trips Dancing Making playlists the beach cheese. Nikki is the powerful lady behind my most recent aesthetic transformation, and I’ve been hounding her for a list for months! Looking at it now, it feels perfectly [...]
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Older, They Might Be Giants Taking Care of Business,  Bachman Turner Overdrive Career Opportunities,The Clash Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive, Aretha Franklin Livin’ on a Prayer, Bon Jovi Money, Pink Floyd Break My Stride, Matthew Wilder Happy, Pharrell Williams Dark Horse, Katy Perry The Final Countdown, Europe   **Top 10 Songs To Rock Out To While Writing [...]
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Maya Angelou, 1928-2014

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On The Pulse of Morning I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings A Brave and Startling Truth Phenomenal Woman Still I Rise The Rock Cries Out to Us Today A Conceit Maya Angelou was the first “adult” poet to whom I was introduced; we watched Clinton’s inauguration in 8th grade and heard her read On [...]
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Get Busy Get Better: Ice Cream Cake

#momlife Lily turns 11 this week. Her slumber-birthday-party was last night. My sentences are short because I’m still in shock from all the ruckus. The shenanigans. The giggles, and the screams, and the make-up makeovers, the hula-hooping indoors, the purple silly-string, the TRUTH OR DARE (lets just say that at 11:45PM six girls stumbled into [...]
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Light on Snow, Anita Shreve This is Where We Live, Janele Brown Dog On It, Spencer Quinn Hemlock Bay, Catherine Coulter Absolutely Fabulous, Jennifer Saunders Collections of Nothing, William Davis King The Hollywood Musical, Jane Feuer Growing Up Green, Deidre Imus The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet, Drs Rachel and Richard Heller Class, Citizenship, and Social Development, [...]
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What about the bad days?

Lately, it feels like I  have had my fair share (if there is such a thing) of crummy days and uncomfortable hours. I am sitting here at the end of one such day; my morning was ruined by a shame spiral before 8:30. The rest of my day was spent battling the collateral damage: anxiety, [...]
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because LOVE

March 29, 2014: The Day I Officiated a Wedding.   It was lovely and romantic andy rainy and fun, just like a wedding should be. I am ever so grateful that I was asked to participate; there is nothing quite like pouring over romantic poetry to nurture the romantic’s soul.         *You [...]
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ranunculus an aqua and coral colour palette terrible jokes hard cheeses giggling dogs tall iced non-fat five-pump chai from Starbucks lists manners the smell of grapefruit (but not the taste)   *Emily was the awesome photographer at my friends, Mark and Valerie‘s, wedding! I was the officiant. It was so fun! See some shots over [...]
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the magpie list: solving all your problems ever.

“If only I had a tote bag”   The Magpie List store is officially open.
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Habitation, Margaret Atwood since feeling is first, e.e. cummings Resignation, Nikki Giovanni Instructions for Life in the New Millennium, his holiness the 14th Dali Lama The Life that I Have, Leo Marks i carry your heart with me (i carry it in), e.e. cummings I am Offering This Poem, Jimmy Santiago Baca A Blessing for [...]
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White Tiger, Aravind Ardiga Heidi, Johanna Spyri New York: A Travel Guide Only Revolutions, Mark Z. Danielewski How to be Good, Nick Hornby World War Z, Max Brooks Body Surfing, Anita Shreve The Weight of Numbers, Simon Ings Don’t Read This Book if You’re Stupid, Tibor Fischer When We Dead Awaken, Henrik Ibsen Bury Me [...]
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It’s Official: Little Lending Library

I don’t really know when I got the idea that we should have a lending library at our house. It has something to do with loving these little boxes when I find them around town, it has a little to do with missing my grandparents who both have passed away, it has a little to [...]
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) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) (eve’s note: so I was 4 days late to music Monday! i think this list makes it worth the wait…)  
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Music Monday, by popular demand

)   12 seconds of this made it onto the magpie instagram, and magpies went nuts! so here it is: 3 minutes of some pretty great stuff. follow TML on instagram:
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“I’m Not in Love,”  10cc “Seabird,”  Alessi Brothers “Right Down the Line,” Gerry Rafferty “Box of Rain,” Grateful Dead “Ventura Highway,”  America “Who Were You With in the Moonlight?”  Dollar “Captain of Her Heart,”  Double “Sunset Eyes,”  Starbuck “Summer Breeze,”  Seals and Croft “Baker Street,” Gerry Rafferty “Top Ten Feathered Hair and Faded Sunset Songs [...]
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