comedy events

  1. Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast with Robin Williams
  2. Disney’s Aladdin as the Genie
  3. Good Will Hunting, as psychologist Sean Maguire
  4. Good Morning Vietnam, as Adrian Cronauer
  5. Comedy Set at Nerdist: Stand-Up Without a Net
  6. Dead Poets Society, as teacher John Keating

In no particular order, this short list summarizes my favorite Robin Williams’ moments, although it by no means resembles a comprehensive list of his work. I am feeling particularly moved and saddened by his death, and find myself distracted from my daily routine and responsibilities. I can’t help ruminating about the way a world is moved by the struggles of celebrities, and Mr. William’s own public challenges with mental illness and addiction. And, undeniably, I am thinking about my own struggles with mental illness. I don’t feel quite ready to write much about my own personal diagnoses or its effects, and/or what might be the appropriate forum.  Because she is my writer-idol, and can always say things better than I could ever hope to, I have decided to re-post Anne Lamott’s words from Facebook this morning. Read it at the Magpie Blog.

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