Married Single Divorced. (Magpies.)

Ellie Knaus, Crystal Angel, and Deanna Russo are "Married Single Divorced."

Ask a lot of people about Los Angeles, and they will have plenty to tell you about what they don’t like. You have heard it before.  It’s crowded, there is all that smog, the people are superficial and, of course, there is the famous traffic. Growing up in Northern California, I always heard about the city of angels as a some sort of  stain across the rest of our golden state.

Pollution notwithstanding, over 100 thousand people move to LA every year. In 2006, I was one of them. I was willing to risk the negatives for a tiny glimmer of hope that LA might also be a place of creativity.  Thankfully, I was right.  In between the 5, the 101, and the 405 freeways are a whole lot of dreams, and a whole lot of people willing to do anything to make sure they keep on working towards them.

The women of the new web series, “Married Single Divorced,” are the kind of people I am talking about. I recently had the fortunate opportunity to spend a day with Ellie Knaus (married), Crystal Angel (single), and Deanna Russo (you get it…divorced) and felt the welcome feeling of creative inspiration every time the cameras started rolling.

This threesome is everything you want in a slumber party, without the frozen bra prank. (Although, I wouldn’t put it past jokester Angels.) With quirky humor and a comfortable bed, these ladies are inviting everyone they know, including funnyman Harris Wittels (#humblebrag) and actress Kat Foster (Weeds), to talk about all things in the relationship department.

Hilarity ensues.

Featuring web friendly episodes of 3-5 minutes each, MSD is set to launch in late summer.

I grabbed Deanna Russo during a break in the shooting, she was kind enough to throw together a list for me. see it here!



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