Hunger Games

I don’t usually do this, but I felt compelled to write about other things that I find inspirational, veering away from books-music-films for a minute. One of the more unexpected ways that The Magpie List has changed my life is  what it did to my relationship to food. Namely, cooking it.

Clementina Russo and I went to college together, years and years and years ago. Then we parted ways. I headed down the path of unexpected motherhood, and Clementina? She headed towards academia. More and more academia until, after 7 years, she was a doctor. OF PHYSICS.

When Doctor Clem came to visit us, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I imagined formulas about torque, and postulations about the expanding universe, and nostalgic memories about our coed days.  Well, there was a little bit of that. But also, there was cooking. So much cooking.

Clementina wears red lipstick, publishes articles about the physics of invisible particles in the ocean water, and cooks like a…like a….chef.  This lady is straight-up wild.

And while I have never been afraid of the stove or a new recipe, Clementina has been absolutely instrumental in changing our entire household’s relationship to food. For extra fun, whenever I am unsure of what to do with seasonal vegetables, I email Dr. Russo! Her concoctions, sometimes traditional, sometimes innovative, always keep us well fed.

I find that cooking is not only good for our home, it is good for my brain. It is a meditative process that soothes my anxious mind, and keeps me away from the computer for a little bit every day.  It is a productive way to process all the things that The Magpie List has brought into my life, like the books and music and movies that you all recommend.  If The Magpie List is my primary nourishment, then all the ways it’s changed my life is like a surprise dessert!

Read Clementina’s list!

All food photography by Eve Sturges (that’s me.)



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