Meet A Magpie: Sam Misner of Misner & Smith

(OR, A Crazy Story!)

Open Mic Night at the Brick House Café, my freshman year of high school. It was before my parents had reason to worry, before cell phones and before Starbucks. I spent my extracurricular hours at the “Brick House,” where I learned about clove cigarettes and ska music bands like Let’s Go Bowling. And, it’s where Sam Misner and Ainsley Roscroe sang “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (and dedicated it to Jessamyn Harris, all as some sort of inside joke with which I laughed along but didn’t understand!).

College, theater department. I’m not in the department, I’m not “in” anywhere at this sprawling UC nestled in the redwoods of Santa Cruz. And whenever I mention my hometown (as college freshman are wont to do) people, especially from the theater department, say this: “Oh, do you know Sam Misner?”

“Yeah, totally! I mean…not really. I mean, he sings. He sang Under The Bridge. With Ainsley. For Jessamyn. So YES. “

Back home, now living with my folks, I meet with the head of a high school theater department to discuss a position there. “Do you know Sam Misner?” she asks.

“Yeah, totally! I mean…he sings. Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

Los Angeles, California, The Magpie List inbox: A list arrives.


Does anyone else see how crazy and, more importantly, NEATO this is?! My inner-14-year-old kind of died.

Since 1994 and his Brick House days, Sam has found a home as a real life folk singer. You can find him currently playing as one-half of a musical duo, Misner & Smith. Megan Smith plays the upright bass; together, Sam and Megan create original songs with heart-melting harmonies. And his Magpie List is a clear representation of what inspires his craft! Please give their songs a listen below, check out their webpage, SEE THEM LIVE, be inspired. (that’s the point, yeah?)

Sell music itunes

Thank you so much, Sam. I can actually say that I totally know you, now.

To read Sam Misner’s complete list, posted August 22, click anywhere on this sentence. HERE.

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