Magpie Vision: 2011

Every year, around this time, I like to make a vision board.  Not only is it  fun and crafty, but it’s a positive activity that gets me thinking about my goals for the next twelve months.  Last weekend, some girl friends came over with banana bread and glue sticks, and we made an afternoon of creatively setting intentions for 2011.

my 2011 vision board

This year, along with personal goals, I dedicated a large portion of my poster to The Magpie List.

2011 is all about The Magpie List!

I have a brilliant habit of completely overwhelming myself with the big picture (ie: Success!), so I use my vision board to break it down into tangible goals:

  • world wide readership;  multi-media publicity, and lists from every continent!
  • time management; better, please.
  • technology;  new computer, digital camera, recording device
  • magpie mixers; fund-raising cocktail parties for literary charities!
  • books; more, always. of course. (see “time management,” above.)

I am excited to see what 2011 has in store.  I love having a colorful, visual representation of how I see the Magpie List growing.  While “time management” is completely up to me, there are ways you can help me achieve the other goals.  Tell your friends, use facebook or twitter or mass texts or post cards! Submit a list, if you haven’t already.  And, if you’re so inclined, donate via paypal.   In whatever form it takes, your contribution and assistance is appreciated, and helps support the mission: to collect and share inspiration around the world!

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