Magpie Discovery: Meghan Julius

This story is a little bit silly, because it’s a little bit cliché,but it goes something like this:

When I am posting lists, I want to listen to and learn about the music that’s affected your lives. Sometimes hours will go by as I explore music websites and youtube channels. I’ll listen to one artist, and that will lead to another, then I’ll follow a tangled chain of songs and sites, until I feel like a musically educated, and sometimes completely changed person.

I was doing just that when I stumbled upon Meghan Julius.  I just had to contact her — I needed a list.  I sent her my best “I’m-not-a-psycho-fan-please-submit-a-list” email. It worked.

As you can see, her list flies past my 10-item parameter, but because I am so grateful that she took any time at all to respond to my request, I let it go. I’m cool like that.

I am not ashamed one bit when I say that I enjoy some of her covers more than the originals. Here are two of my favorites!

Bright Eyes: First Day of My Life

Lady Gaga: You and I

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