MagpieTV, episode 1 was a huge success, and I’m getting lots of inquiries about more interactive Magpies.

The afternoon with Zeb was easy because he lives here in L.A, but there are ways around geographical limitations, and so many ways we can all make TML dynamic. If what Zeb did looks like fun, and you want a video of your own, or a phone interview, or a photo montage of an adventure together — let me know!

  • send me an iphone video text defending an item on your list that you know people will question! (“Gwen Stefani is an inspiration because _____”)  Or contact me and we’ll make a Magpie audio like Ariella did about Anne of Green Gables (oct 15th) So easy, people, so fun.
  • read me your list with your webcam, explain things like Zeb did, or just keep it strait. don’t worry about the editing — we got that.
  • have a project you want to talk about? Contact me, and we’ll arrange a phone call!
  • got other ideas? let me know, and LET’S DO IT.

Keep spreading the word, keep sharing inspiration…and keep checking in:  Magpie Radio drops next, and I’ve got an interview with John Conlee and Celia Keenan-Bolger coming up on MagpieTV.

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