meet a magpie: travis shettel

Travis Shettel is the only man I know who can fold his own 6’4″ frame onto a Vespa and look cool, instead of silly. And even if anyone did laugh, I don’t think he’d mind. Travis is someone who manages to make an adventure out of life, and it’s one of the many reasons I admire him.

Travis first met success as the vocalist and guitarist  of the  Boston-based indie rock band Piebald, a 15 year experience that took him around the world. Since then, Travis has contributed his guitar, piano, and vocal talents to other groups, including the UK’s The Duke Spirit and LA’s The Hunting Accident.  Now, he is focusing his talents into TS & The Past Haunts, a rock project that highlights his mad guitar skills, his killer voice and his undeniable stage presence.

While Travis’ talent impresses me, it’s who he is off-stage that’s made a difference in my life. Travis is One Righteous Dude as a co-worker and friend.  He helps me out whenever he can, and sometimes when I least expect it.  My daughter, Lily, adores him as a friend and babysitter, because he’s always ready to play, be it music or “let’s pretend…” He works harder than most people I know, and manages to achieve constant success without ever taking himself too seriously.  I’m glad to know him, and it’s exciting to think of what adventure he’ll find next.

Check out the fun video of  TS & The Past Haunts’ song “Know What I Know:”

Listen to more of TS & The Past Haunts here…

And check out Travis’ list here!

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